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Father Judge High School

Father Judge High School

Philadelphia, PA

Transforming a traditional library space into something much more… in an age where every student can carry a world of information on the device in their pocket, libraries have changed into more than spaces to house books.  They have become learning commons, welcoming places to encourage exploration and collaboration, bringing together the students and educators.


Father Judge recognized the need to shift their old space to a different type of learning destination: a flexible space where students can gather to collaborate and engage, and where the school can provide the support and resources necessary to ensure the success of their students.

With a new glass front, the Brisson center makes the learning space transparent to the rest of the school, integrating this new form of learning into the daily life of the school.  Inside the space, multiple zones of flexible furnishings allow the space to be configured by the students and teachers into whatever arrangements suit their needs that day.  Mobile whiteboards offer brainstorming surfaces anywhere. And glass fronted conferencing spaces offer the opportunity for more group interactions without disrupting the rest of the space.