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Since the inception of the firm in 1991, our team has been providing complete design solutions for all our clients’ needs. A multi-faceted group, we offer planning, architecture, interiors, and consulting services. Our senior management team has over 100 years of experience combined and are quite skilled at understanding our client’s requirements and providing responsive, innovative designs.

We have the range of expertise to develop a project from big picture concepts down to the smallest technical detail.  Our creative and thoughtful solutions are developed with an eye to function and aesthetics, but our design process is also informed by our unique experience from the development and construction sides, yielding places both handsome and practical.


A good plan is an essential starting point for any successful project, and MAI knows putting that together can offer many challenges. With our experience in site analysis, feasibility studies, programming and master planning, we can assist you in developing a cohesive plan of action.


We believe in partnering with our clients and contractors to design pleasing structures made to suit your needs and maximize your resources.  Out of the ground solutions, additions, or renovations, we bring to each project a commitment to provide thoughtful solutions to you.

One Bala Plaza


Interiors are about more than just a good paint color or a cool chair.  It is about the combination of light, color, furnishings, and function that give a place a unique presence, serving its users both practically and aesthetically.  As the part of a building that people touch and fell every day, it is a critical part to get right. MAI’s approach is always focused on the client’s needs, bringing appropriate finishes, lighting, and furnishings together to fashion distinctive spaces.



Consulting can be a catch-all phrase, but at MAI what it really means is that we offer a variety of services that don’t fit neatly into the definition of architecture. Maybe you need to assess which location will suit your business better; we can analyze that for you.  Or maybe you’re wondering how to use your space most efficiently; we can evaluate that for you. Let us know what your questions are, and we can find the answers together.