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Achieving your vision

No matter the desired result, process always start with words. With your words, we can develop an understanding of what you hope to achieve and translate that into a tangible solution.

King of Prussia Construction

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Jim McGillin & Michael Budzyn

Our design process is all about communication.

It begins with a conversation with you, where we learn about you: who you are, who you’ve been, and who you want to become. We gather data, ask questions, and then analyze and interpret this information, always seeking feedback along the way.

McGillin Architecture

We develop ideas and alternatives, ask more questions, seek more answers, refine options.

Floor Plan
Floor Plan

We develop visuals and graphics, so everyone can see and understand the vision.

King of Prussia Lux Cafe

We develop documentation, to clearly communicate the details for budgets and construction.

St. Joseph’s Preparatory School

We develop relationships with clients and contractors to ensure clear communications for a successful project.

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