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Friends Academy of Westhampton

Friends Academy of Westhampton

Westhampton, New Jersey

The Friends Academy of Westhampton was a growing school community without a permanent home.  After acquiring a new site in southern New Jersey, MAI developed a master plan for the new campus to house two hundred students ranging in age from preschool through 8th grade.

To keep within the school’s limited budget, the program was broken up to be housed in a series of five smaller buildings.  The smaller footprints allowed the structures to be constructed inexpensively of wood framing. The approach effectively separated the younger from the older children, and each building could be custom tailored for the needs of each group.


  • Campus organized around a central outdoor space

  • Multiple buildings create an intimate setting and can easily accommodate expansion

  • Small scaled buildings have a familiar residential style feeling, easy to navigate and less intimidating to younger children