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Lockheed Martin Corporation

Lockheed Martin Corporation

MAI has been working with the Lockheed Martin Corporation for well over fifteen years on over thirty projects (and counting), keeping their spaces fresh and functional so their employees can focus on the tasks at hand.

Past projects have included:

  • LMCO Tech Center campus

  • LMCO Project Link

  • LMCO ELT Suite

  • LMCO Riyadh New Office Suite

  • LMCO Cherry Hill ATL /GSCO office and boardroom refresh

  • LMCO 300M Street Conference Center

LMCO Tech Center Campus

Lockheed’s Technical Operations Group was scattered across numerous buildings in multiple locations, an inefficient arrangement on many levels that LMCO leadership wanted to remedy by consolidating that group into one location, increasing efficiency and opportunities for collaboration, as well as providing the upgraded spaces required to attract and retain talented employees .

MAI had developed a master plan for a 47-acre office campus for Whitesell Construction in rural New Jersey that included over 410,000 square feet of office space in five low rise buildings, set in a unique campus environment with green space and central ponds surrounded by walking trails and seating areas for the enjoyment of employees and visitors.

The site fit LMCO perfectly, and MAI provided space planning and interior design for the all of the buildings on the campus.  In addition to the office spaces with plenty of collaboration areas as well as private spaces, amenities such as a large cafeteria and multi-purpose conference center enhanced the offerings LMCS was able to provide their employees.

LMCO Project Link

With a short seven-month timeline, Lockheed Martin Corporation turned to MAI help them accomplish their ambitious goal to construct this Global Supply Chain Management Center for their aeronautics division on an accelerated schedule. MAI began working with LMCO in mid-February on site selection and delivered the completed 80,000 sf facility by mid-September with a contractor partner the same year.

The project re-purposed and added on to an existing high-bay warehouse with office, training, and warehouse/distribution facilities. One of the key elements of the project was developing a dramatic new entrance which provided LMCO with a visible presence outside the warehouse.  Alluding to the idea of flight, the dramatically angled office entrance pavilion brought the company branding into the architecture, utilizing the Lockheed blue and the angularity of the star logo. The sunny new office interior is light, with bright color used to liven the space and act as way finding throughout. The project received and Aero Star Award from LMCO for excellence in project delivery and the interaction of the project team.


LMCO’s Executive Leadership Team office suite, located in Washington DC, was a difficult space with low ceilings and awkward visual transitions. MAI redesigned the floor plan to separate in-house and guest function areas, utilizing interior glazing to provide visual connection between the areas. The business suite finishes were upgraded to executive level elegance, and that palette was continued beyond into the guest zones for more visual flow.